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Mixed Media Illustration
Video on the top: Fireworks! (2024)

It’s an annual illustration series done as my personal project over years, celebrating the year’s end and a new year. I use Asian Zodiac Animals to represent current and upcoming year, such as dragon, rabbit, tigers and more.

This year was 5th anniversary pushing this project in a row, I changed my main material from polymerclay puppet illustration to full-3D graphics so that I can add movement.

Materials used: Sculpy, various materials
Tools used: Cinema 4D, Aftereffects, Photoshop, etc.

New year day with cousin and her friend (2022)

윷놀이 Yutnori (2023),
The Christmas Choir (2019)

The making of “New year day with cousin and her friend (2022)“

Process photos of “The Christmas Choir (2019, 2020 reshoot)”

Working process photos of “The Decoration (2020)”
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